Why does ‘Netflix’ always release an entire season in one day?

Netflix, a world-class OTT platform, is recently gaining popularity all over the world following the release of the original series Squid Game.


If you are a movie-lover, you must realize that Netflix always releases an entire season of a series in one day. So, why does Netflix do that? Is it a factor that makes Netflix so popular?

To explain, Netflix said, “It’s to revive the sensibility of the old DVD rental service that I used to borrow and watch the entire season. It’s also called ‘All at once.’” 

Specifically, instead of releasing one episode per week, if it were to be released at the same time, the effect of binge-watching and word-of-mouth would be much more significant. This method leads to an excellent marketing effect. 

Many Knetizens also agree, saying, “It’s so good to watch at once,” “I watch Netflix because I don’t want to be cut off in the middle,” and “That’s why I subscribe to Netflix.”

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