BLACKPINK Jennie’s increasingly daring fashion style during her overseas trip

Jennie’s recent sexy dressing style during her Paris and Hawaii trips attract the public’s attention

BLACKPINK has not come back yet, but the members still maintain the group’s reputation through individual activities. Jennie is definitely the member that attracts the most attention through overseas trips. Fans realize her style is increasingly bold and attractive.

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Possessing a great waist, Jennie is not afraid to show it off.

Recently, Jennie was in Hawaii to attend JACQUEMUS’ LE SPLASH EVENT. After that, the female idol attended the brand’s party with other famous guests. She wears a very bold and seductive pink outfit.

The design includes a crop top and skirt, showing off Jennie’s charming waist and eye-catching hip curves. Main rapper of BLACKPINK tied one side of her hair, revealing a luxurious face with gentle makeup in nude tones. The high heeled pink sandals look hotter.

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022

The outfit Jennie wore is a product of the JACQUEMUS fashion house, priced at more than $945. The pink shoes are estimated at nearly $510. In addition, the female idol also uses JACQUEMUS’s bag of the same color, the price is $730.

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022 outfit
The total of Jennie’s full-pink outfit is nearly $2200

Previously, Jennie also posted a series of dynamic and sexy photos of herself on Instagram. The SOLO vocalist wore a white crop top hoodie and cool jogger pants. Her tiny waist is fully flaunted to attract attention. The total value of this outfit is $685. However, the clothes are not as expensive as Jennie‘s necklace, priced at $4000.

Looking at Jennie‘s recent photos in France and Hawaii, fans commented that her fashion style has been greatly enhanced. She is getting bolder and sexier.

Jennie outfits in America
Jennie has been to the US many times in the past, but she did not publicize her sexy images.

Jennie met Kitty Chicha Amatayakul – the actress who plays Nano in the hit series “Girl From Nowhere” – at HITC FESTIVAL 2021. Jennie chose a simple but attractive black outfit including the cool Crochet Corset of Dion Lee and Raf Simons black jeans. The total value of the outfit is nearly $1230.

Jennie outfits in America
The outfit that Jennie wore makes fans want to see high quality photos from her

When going out with model Adriana Mora, Jennie chose to wear a sexy Gigi top, designed by Nana Jacqueline brand. The main rapper of BLACKPINK uses an Alexander Wang bag of nearly $790.

Jennie outfits in America
Fans regretted not being able to fully see Jennie’s outfit

Jennie caused a stir on Halloween due of her student style, but she was also quite attractive. She dressed up as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill, wearing an outfit designed by Hyein Seo.

Jennie outfits in America
Jennie, regardless of style, always makes fans fall in love with her.

Referring to Jennie in Europe, it is definitely impossible to ignore her two outfits at Paris Fashion Week 2022. The female idol once put on a red tweed outfit, showing off her “ant” waist. The total value of the dress is $4800. In addition, she also has a Chanel handbag of nearly $4900 while her entire Chanel jewelry set costs more than $22000.

Jennie outfits in America
The numbers show how much Chanel loves Jennie.

At the last event, Jennie wore all black Chanel but still stood out. She wore a crop top with a short skirt, showing off her slim legs and sexy waist, especially, the Chanel necklace showed the luxury of the outfit. 

Jennie outfits in America
Miss Chanel – Jennie never disappoints fans

Jennie‘s dressing style grows more open as she takes in more activities overseas. She is not afraid to post photos showing off her body, wearing clothes that flatter off every curve. Fans also applaud the female idol’s efforts to diversify her image.

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