Fans sent trucks to YG Entertainment’s headquarters, asked the company to treat Jisoo (BLACKPINK) fairly

Fan said that the company has treated Jisoo badly during the past time

On March 17, a truck was sent to YG Entertainment’s headquarters. The truck was said to be sent by Jisoo’s Chinese fans.

Jisoo became the "muse" of a Korean local brand

The reason for this incident is that Jisoo was previously cut from the group’s introduction video on a KBS program. Not long ago, fans were also dissatisfied with Jisoo’s screen-time in the pre-recorded Spotify promotional video.

In addition, Jisoo’s Chinese fans also said there will be a total of 3 trucks sent to YG today, the rest will be sent later. They will also send 6 trucks in the next 2 days!

Fans are also trending the hashtag #YGRespectJisoo and tag the account @ygent_official.

Some prominent tweets from Jisoo fans:

“We’ve been speaking up about JISOO’s mistreatments as a BLACKPINK member but we still see no change. Today we stand with the trucks Chinese Jisoo fans sent to demand better treatment and respect her rights as an artist. LISTEN TO JISOO FANS”

“We support the trucks that have been sent to YG demanding fair treatment for Jisoo as a @BLACKPINK member. Jisoo deserves to be treated so much better.”

– “The amount of times we ask for better treatment for Jisoo is countless. @ygent_official you chose to ignore even when emails, hashtags, or trucks are done but this time there is going to be more pressure! Please start listening!”

– “As an actress, @ygent_official only took advantage of her opportunity that she had to get herself. Never moved a muscle to help promote Jisoo as an actress but instead removed her from @yg_stage. Still, they refuse to promote her acting gigs!”

Up to this point, YG Entertainment has not spoken about this incident.

Source: Twitter

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