“The real culprit who killed Son Myung Oh is…” Another shocking theory about Song Hye Kyo’s drama “The Glory” revealed

An interesting theory about Netflix’s revenge drama “The Glory”, starring Song Hye Kyo, is drawing keen attention from netizens.

On January 7th, a video titled “The culprit in Son Myung Oh’s XX case is Kim OO, not Park Yeon Jin” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Minhoaurs”, which often posted reviews about movies and dramas. In the video, Youtuber Minhotaurs gave his guess about the real culprit who killed Son Myung Oh in “The Glory” Part 1.

The Glory

In Part 1, Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) knew the ambition of Son Myung Oh (Kim Gun Woo), who has relationships with the schoolmates who bullied her, and used it to take revenge. After receiving the information that Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), who had ignored him all the time, was the murderer of another school bullying victim from Moon Dong Eun, Son Myung Oh threatened Park Yeon Jin. However, someone killed him just before he was able to leave for Vladivostok. The clues that the writer left for viewers to guess the identity of the culprit were “a woman” and “green high heels”.

The Glory
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Youtuber Minhotaurs predicted, “We are naturally persuaded that Park Yeon Jin is the one who killed Son Myung Oh”.

He then called out Kim Kyung Ran (Ahn So Yo) as the real culprit in Son Myung Oh’s murder case. In “The Glory”, Kim Kyung Ran was a friend of Moon Dong Eun but she turned a blind eye to Dong Eun’s bullying case. After Dong Eun dropped out of school, Kyung Ran became the next target of Park Yeon Jin’s gang. She is also abused while working as a clerk at Siesta, a boutique shop owned by Jeon Jae Jun (Park Sung Hoon), and Park Yeon Jin’s stylist.

The Glory

Minhotaurs cited two reasons why Kim Kyung Ran could be the real culprit.

First, Siesta was the place where Son Myung Oh got murdered. He explained, “The drama showed that scene for only a few seconds, but that place was clearly Siesta. As Son Myung Oh even stole all the luxury goods from Jae Jun’s house before leaving, he must have taken something at Siesta”, adding “If Son Myung runs away, there is a high possibility that Kyung Ran would be misunderstood as the person who committed the crime alone and has no chance to revenge”.

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The Youtuber mentioned the high heels as second evidence. He said, “Park Yeon Jin has a wound on her foot so she often wears a band-aid with high heels. However, there was no band-aid on the killer’s foot”, adding “Since Kyung Ran is the person who manages Park Yeon Jin’s schedule, she could easily steal the shoes, kill Son Myung Oh then blame it on Park Yeon Jin.”

Released in 190 countries around the world on the 30th of last month, Netflix’s original series “The Glory” (written by Kim Eun Sook/ directed by Ahn Gil Ho) features a revenge plan carefully prepared by a woman whose soul was broken due to the experience of school violence during her school days. 8 episodes of Part 1 are available on Netflix, and Part 1 will be released in March.

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