Fans feel sad when looking back at YG Family’s past photos

The departure of idols in the legendary YG Family shows that nothing lasts forever.

The news that Dara did not renew her contract with YG made fans extremely surprised and regretful.  After the last member of 2NE1 left, the old YG family photo was suddenly shared again.  Netizens feel sorry when the legendary lineup for a while now has only G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung and Taeyang left.  It’s even sadder that even president Yang Hyun Suk also has left YG. 

The photo was taken many years ago, then YG was still the “home” of a series of famous artists like Epik High, BIGBANG, 2NE1… The appearance of “Dad Yang” made the photo even more special. The powerful moment was once the pride of many fans.  But for now, it’s all just a memory.

Fans witnessed the departure of each member of this “family” in turn.  During 2NE1’s hiatus, Minzy decided to leave the management company to look for new opportunities.  After 2NE1 officially disbanded, Park Bom also left.  Epik High decided not to renew the contract with this company in 2018. Also in that year, the company lost another “King of YouTuber” PSY.

A year later, CL also said goodbye to YG after spending 10 years together.  Next, because of a shocking scandal, Seungri and president Yang Hyun Suk also left this company.  Recently, Dara has terminated her exclusive contract with YG.  The remaining artists like Gummy, Se7en also have had their new directions, not accompanying YG for a long time.  Thus, only 4 members of BIGBANG, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung, still stay in YG.

Some comments from netizens:

  • I know every happy party has to end but it’s still sad.  Knowing that the new class will eventually replace the old class, but still looking forward to a YG Family that day.
  • Now, everyone has their own direction, only BIGBANG still stays in. 
  • Although they are no longer in the same home, they are still teammates, friends. Hope to see this lineup again. 
  • This photo and the YG family concert will live forever in the best memories of Kpop fans.
  • It’s sad to look back.  I hope they will take a new set of photos with the current artists instead of looking at these old pictures. 

The photo of the YG Family makes fans feel even sadder.  YG idols have been associated with the youth of many young people in Korea and throughout Asia.  Their songs are still legendary.

Source: Yan

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