6 male stars who are skinny but have “Pacific-class” shoulders

Celebrities own particularly skinny bodies compared to the general public.

Since they look fatter on TV than they actually do, they are exercising and dieting to look pretty on the screen.


However, some male celebrities are captivating fans by showing off broad shoulders despite their skinny bodies.


Let’s meet 6 stars who are skinny but have reliable shoulders that look like they will wear size “2XL”.


Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is 179 cm tall and weighs 59 kg, but he caught the eye with his incredible shoulder width. Jin was also known to wear size “2XL”, drawing attention.


He is loved for his perfect visuals and wide shoulders.

Actor Nam Joo-hyuk

Model-turned-actor Nam Joo-hyuk also boasts remarkably wide shoulders. Nam Joo-hyuk‘s shoulders were so wide that the camera director asked him to narrow his shoulders.

Nam Joo-hyuk

Nam Joo-hyuk captured women’s hearts by showing off his reliable shoulders that contrast with his innocent and bright face.

EXO Sehun

Sehun once said he was over 180 cm tall and weighed 64 kg. Although he is the youngest in EXO, he boasts a superior width that is never inferior to his older brothers in terms of shoulders.

EXO Sehun

In particular, it was revealed that Sehun, who is famous for his square shoulders and pretty collarbone, had a shoulder width of 49 cm.

SF9 Rowoon

Actor-SF9 member Rowoon also boasts an extraordinary shoulder width. Rowoon is widely known for his long limbs, innocent face and skinny body.


Fans are cheering tremendously for Rowoon’s extraordinary physique.

Seventeen Mingyu

Seventeen Mingyu is also the protagonist of superior shoulders. He boasts a cute appearance like a “puppy” and long slender limbs, but his shoulders are Pacific-class.


Mingyu, who is considered one of the most handsome members in Seventeen, captured fans’ hearts as he even has wide shoulders.

Singer Kang Daniel

Singer Kang Daniel from idol group Wanna One is the last runner. When he appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2“, he was loved for his white and cute appearance.

Kang Daniel

However, he gained great popularity with his height of over 180 cm and unrivaled shoulder width, and he successfully made his debut as Wanna One’s center.

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