EXO Suho held hands with aespa Winter, what is their true relationship?

Footage of EXO Suho and aespa Winter linking their hands together are spreading across the net at a rapid pace. 

On December 28th, a post featuring EXO Suho and aespa Winter suddenly gained attention on the Korean forum Pann. In particular, the two idols were holding hands in the backstage of a music show, steaming dating rumors. 

exo suho aespa winter
The image that caused netizens to speculate 

Seeing this footage, netizens made up all sorts of speculations, from saying the footage is edited to discussing the likelihood of Suho being in a relationship with Winter. 

In the end, Suho did hold Winter’s hand. However, they were with various other SM artists, doing a “prayer” before performing on stage. In the full original footage, everyone, including the staff, were doing the same, and Suho and Winter just happened to stand next to each other. Their relationship should not be based on such a small moment. 

sm artist suho winter
Since the image was cropped from a much larger footage, many people went too far with their speculations. SM artists were just doing a prayer together.

Below are some comments from netizens regarding this viral image: 

  • They just happened to be next to each other when the chairman told them to hold hands, so they’re not supposed to hold hands?
  • They always hold each other’s hands before concerts and “pray” though. Please stop with your delusions. And if you have any shame, Suho is a 91’er and Winter a 01’er, do you really want to ship them? 
  • Suho looked like he was trying to stay as far away from her as possible. He seemed to be trying not to make Winter feel awkward.
EXO Suho thumbnail
Winter (aespa) was born in 2001. She is a Gen 4 idol (Photo: Naver)

Winter is a member of the fourth-generation girl group aespa, while Suho is the leader of third-generation K-pop boy group EXO. Winter is 10 years younger than Suho. Thus, the audience is more intrigued and excited by the dating rumors between the two due to the age and generation gap. But in the end, everything was merely a misunderstanding.

aespa winter
Suho is the leader of SM’s boy group EXO (Photo: SME)

Source: Pann

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