EXO Suho defends himself against criticism over “even a slight mistake”

Suho, a member of idol group EXO, expressed his honest feelings regarding recent criticism directed at him. 

EXO member Suho, who is currently performing in the musical “Mozart!”, recently expressed his feelings about bad comments he received.


In particular, on June 20th, Suho sang a musical number at the press conference for “Mozart!”, which was held before the actual performance. Afterwards, some netizens started to criticize the male idol on online communities, saying that he is not getting a good response.

Later on, Suho revealed that he sang the same number again while attending the JTBC’s music entertainment program “K-909”.


Now, Suho is drawing attention with a message published on the global fan communication platform, “Dear U Bubble”. In particular, the male idol said, “Even a slight mistake can lead to ridicule and insults, which has been mentally challenging for me.”

Suho also continued, “When Kim Hee Jae suddenly couldn’t participate on the day of the press call, the number we were supposed to perform changed, and I felt even more nervous. I regret not being able to sing ‘Why don’t you love me’ in my true voice. That’s why I chose the song again and performed it in ‘K-909.'”


Suho emphasized, “I’ve even seen edited videos that only focus on my mistakes, mocking and belittling me. Despite that, I still believe in my shortcomings and silently continue to act and sing on stage, wanting to prove myself.” 

Afterwards, he expressed his sadness, saying, “Even though our fans, general audience members, many actors, and journalists praised my performance, why do some write articles demeaning me as ‘Suho is currently receiving negative reactions’?”

Source: Daum

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