Lisa confirmed to join “Youth With You 3”. Will Lisa make her solo debut in May?

Recently, Lisa’s return as a coach of “Youth With You 3” has received a lot of attention from netizens.

After the success of Youth With You 2 held from March 2020 to May 2020, fans of this survival show are now waiting for the third season of the show.  And today, news about season 3 of Youth With You and the return of BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been confirmed.

Accordingly, this information was posted by LISA on Weibo via a short video.  In the video, she sent a message to her fans: “Youth With You, season 3, I’m back!”. And not to let the fans wait any longer, right after that, iQIYI’s Twitter page – the broadcast unit of the program Youth With You season 3 officially confirmed the return of Lisa with the role of a dance mentor of this survival show.

Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"

Immediately after the above information, the hashtag #LISA_YouthWithYou3 has reached the top 5 on Twitter with nearly 73,000 tweets.  Besides, the keyword “MENTOR LISA IS BACK” also quickly entered the top 12 worldwide trending.  It seems that the fans have remembered Lisa’s “One more time”, “I told you to smile” or “You keep messing up”!

Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"
Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"

Fans also expressed their expectations for Lisa’s comeback at Thanh Xuan Co You 3. Even someone thought that the recording time of the show is completely related to the time Lisa makes her solo debut:

-Yesss!!! I can’t wait for mentor Lisa to be back. I loved seeing her strict side in season 2. Also, the show is actually really fun to watch.

– Queen Lisa is back!

– More than happy. She’s so iconic. Let’s go, queen.

– yasss we got “one more time” of Mentor Lisa

– Can we hear anything other than “One more time”.

 – As a male version, Lisa’s dancing skills will be revealed more

 – Now, I understand why Lisa’s solo is delayed, it’s rumored to be in early May.

Fans also quickly explained about Lisa’s solo plan, claiming that her solo debut after Rosé is perfectly reasonable when the show Youth With You will finish recording in May.  It’s completely coincided with the time for Lisa’s solo debut that many fans predicted.

Previously, Korean media reported that Lisa and Rosé finished filming the solo MVs.  So most likely, BLINK will receive a lot of good news from the beginning of the year with Rosé’s solo performance, Lisa’s appearance at Youth With You 3, and her solo debut right after that!

Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"
Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"

After the success of Youth With You 2, iQIYI has officially confirmed the organization of season 3 to select a 9-member boy group.  Currently, the first mentor for season 3 that has been officially revealed is the maknae of BLACKPINK, Lisa.  The show is scheduled to air in March 2021.

Lisa confirmed to join "Youth With You 3"

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