EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie referred to each other in their solo works?

As one of the most popular members of BLACKPINK, Jennie always catches the attention of the public. In addition, she is the only member who has faced various dating rumors with top male stars, ranging from BIGBANG G-Dragon to BTS V. However, the only confirmed relationship she had was with EXO Kai, though the couple broke up 3 years ago. Nevertheless, many fans still ship the two, and some even suspect that Jennie hinted about her ex-boyfriend in her solo performance during the BLACKPINK BORN PINK world tour. In addition, these speculations were further “reinforced” by a detail in Kai’s latest music video, “Rover”.

Particularly, on social media platforms, international fans are talking about several details in Jennie’s solo stage “You & Me”, which they believe are references to Kai. 

“You&Me” was completed and recorded by Jennie three years ago, coinciding with the time she dated and broke up with Kai, these people said. They also added that the song was composed in a car, and a photo of Kai and Jennie dating in a car was released. Other details, such as Jennie’s lips, which was shown before the stage, was speculated to be referring to a picture of Kai’s lips, while the lyrics “Dancing in the moonlight” was said to imply Kai’s habit of taking photos with the moon. 

Jennie’s ballet-inspired performance of “You & Me”

Most notable of all this so-called “evidence”, however, was the ballet inspiration that is apparent in “You & Me”. In particular, Jennie wore various balletcore outfits in her “You & Me” stages, and implemented elements from contemporary dance and ballet into the choreography.  The image of Jennie and a male dancer under the moonlight is also speculated to be referring to Kai. 

Kai also “mentioned” Jennie in his release?

On the other hand, several netizens also maintained that Kai also talked about Jennie in his solo MV, “Rover”, which was released on March 13th. In the MV, there was an imagery of a female ballerina, causing these netizens to think of Jennie. 

Source: YouTube

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