9 pairs of K-pop songs with the same name but one is more famous than the other 

Pick your favorite in this list of K-pop songs with the same name. 

K-pop songs having the exact same title is common. They can be equally popular, such as BIGBANG and T-Ara’s Lies, but in many cases, one song is more widely known than the other. However, each song is still catchy in its own way. 

K-pop songs with the same name

Signal – TWICE and f(x)

TWICE has released numerous hits ever since they made their debut in 2015. The title track Signal that came out in 2017 is one of them.  Although Signal drew mixed reactions at first, it still reached the top of domestic digital charts. Signal also helped TWICE receive Daesang Song of the Year at MAMA 2017.

K-pop songs with the same name
Signal is one of TWICE’s hits that every fan knows of 

f(x) also has a song called Signal released in 2013. But it was only a b-side track without an MV, so Signal was overshadowed by f(x)’s catchy title tracks like Rum Pum Pum Pum and Hot Summer.

K-pop songs with the same name
f(x)’s Signal is more known by the group’s fans than general listeners  

Paradise – INFINITE and NCT 127

INFINITE‘s Paradise from the album Over the Top, was released in 2011. Although it is not as famous as the iconic title track Be Mine on the album, in the repackaged version, Paradise still helped INFINITE take home music show wins when it was selected to be promoted as the lead single. 

K-pop songs with the same name
Paradise is one of the classic hits of INFINITE 

Meanwhile, NCT 127‘s Paradise, came out in 2016, the same year NCT debuted. It’s an upbeat and cute song that many fans enjoy listening to, but not so famous to the public because it is an unpromoted b-side track. 

Paradise is an underrated b-side of NCT 127 

Fool – WINNER and Red Velvet

WINNER released Fool in 2018, when the YG boy group made their first comeback with a 4-member lineup. Without former main vocalist Nam Taehyun, Fool still achieved good results on domestic and foreign charts.

K-pop songs with the same name
Fool marked WINNER’s comeback after the departure of Nam Taehyun

Earlier in 2016, Red Velvet also introduced a song named Fool. However, whenever K-pop fans think of Fool, the majority will get reminded of WINNER’s song instead of Red Velvet. 

K-pop songs with the same name
Red Velvet’s Fool was released before WINNER’s but is less widely known

Russian Roulette – Red Velvet and SPICA

Russian Roulette is a song on SPICA’s debut album, released in 2012. However, the song failed to leave an impact. 

K-pop songs with the same name
SPICA’s songs are not so well-known in K-pop 

Russian Roulette is the title track of the album of the same name released by Red Velvet in 2016. The bubblegum pop song with danceable rhythm helped the SM girl group bag 6 music show wins. 

K-pop songs with the same name
Red Velvet’s popularity was upgraded following the release of Russian Roulette 

Fire – 2NE1 and BTS

Fire is 2NE1‘s debut song and is often considered one of the best and most legendary debut tracks of any idol groups ever. BTS’s Fire is also a hit that helped the HYBE’s boy group rise to the top. However, the impact of 2NE1’s Fire still outdoes their junior boy group’s song of the same name, given how iconic it is after all these years. 

K-pop songs with the same name
BTS and 2NE1’s Fire are both hits 


The song “FEVER” on GFRIEND‘s album “FEVER Season” was highly appreciated as soon as it was released. The product helped the group win many trophies and sell more than 50,000 copies. At the same time, Fever Season also entered the top 10 of Billboard World Album Charts.

K-pop songs with the same name
Fever strengthened GFRIEND’s position.

ENHYPEN‘s Fever is equally popular. This is a song on the album Border: Carnival, released in 2021. On Hanteo, this album sold 319,073 copies on the first day of its release. At the same time, the product also helps ENHYPEN become the highest-ranking Gen 4 group at Billboard Artist 100 and Billboard 200.

K-pop songs with the same name
ENHYPEN has achieved a lot of success with Fever.

Universe – EXO and NCT U

The song Universe is on EXO‘s album of the same name, released in 2017. When it was first released, the product constantly stirred up domestic and international charts. Universe once topped Gaon and the album reached the top 2 of the Billboard World Album Charts.

K-pop songs with the same name
Universe is EXO’s gentle-melody song.

Universe (Let’s Play Ball) in NCT U‘s album Universe, released in 2021, has somewhat better achievement. The product once took the top spot on Billboard’s World Albums and entered the Billboard 200. At the same time, the group also sold more than 1.7 million copies of the pre-ordered album.

K-pop songs with the same name
NCT U hits million copies with Universe.


Stay is a song on BTS’s album Be, released in 2020. This is a collaboration product of Jin, RM and Jungkook. However, the song doesn’t have as much coverage as the album’s title track, “Life Goes On”.

K-pop songs with the same name
Stay by BTS was not well received by the public

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s Stay is on the album ‘BLACKPINK In Your Area’, released in 2018. Fans often joke that it is a “flop” song because the views are even lower than the dance videos of other songs. On YouTube, Stay currently has more than 300 million views.

K-pop songs with the same name
Although not as popular as other songs, Stay’s number of views is what many idols wish for.

Ice Cream – BLACKPINK and HyunA

Referring to the song Ice Cream, many people immediately think of the collaboration between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez. When it was first released, the song stirred up the music industry, reaching the top of prestigious charts in Korea and abroad. Currently, the song has more than 700 million views on YouTube.

K-pop songs with the same name
The product of BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez was warmly received.

However, few people know that HyunA also has a song called Ice Cream. The song was forgotten because the product of BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez was too popular.

K-pop songs with the same name
HyunA’s Ice Cream was once famous before BLACKPINK’s song came out.

Despite having the same name, most of the songs have opposite results. Many products achieved high rankings, became known to the public, and some songs were “flop”. This has made people excited to create comparisons about the popularity of two products with the same name.

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