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EXO Kai aims for a fixed position on “Amazing Saturday”…”Is there a seat?”

EXO Kai showed off his variety show ability with a two-line poem.

Code Kunst and EXO Kai appeared as guests on tvN’s entertainment show “Amazing Saturday“, which aired on March 25th.

On this day, the first round “lyrics square quiz” with walnut cookies as prize was held.

NS Yoon-G’s “Reason to Become a Witch” came out, and the keyword “Hurry and run away, I’m a ‘what’ with a ‘what'” appeared. Taeyeon told Hanhae, “A man with a flower.” Park Na Rae made people laugh by answering, “A man with a flower.”


“Amazing Saturday” members talked about guns and arrows. MC Boom added a hint, “It reminds me of Taeyeon and Na Rae.” Then Code Kunst said “A rambo with a gun” and Shin Dong Yup said “An angel with a gun”.

When Kai answered “A beauty with a gun“, Park Na Rae said, “Uh… Kai.” Kai made a gesture that seemed to turn away, causing laughter. Hanhae got the correct answer “A girl with a gun”.

After that, the second round “dictation” with fajita as prize began, and Goofy’s “Winter Sleeping Child” was selected. After hearing the whole problem section, Code Kunst smiled as if he had failed. Kai was also confused, saying, “What is this?”

The members were surprised to see that Nucksal’s dictation was fully written when it was revealed. In particular, everyone was surprised when Nucksal said, “I’ll buy the whole island for you.”


MC Boom said, “Kai can fill the front part. His ears must have been loosened now. He’s strong.” Kai boasted of his empty dictation as expected. The one-shot of the second round was caught by Nucksal, Yoon Woo’s father. Nucksal said, “Yoon Woo! Daddy is coming.”

In the end, Kai was selected as the last place. He used the chance to listen again. “Amazing Saturday” members completed the dictation board “I’ll buy the whole island for you, just for that dreaming woman“.

Kai headed to the correct answer zone. After thinking for a while, the members changed “just for woman” to “only have summer”. In the end, the first success turned into failure.

Afterwards, they completed the third challenge by saying, “I’ll buy the whole island for you, the only summer island near the equator.” Accordingly, “Amazing Saturday” members succeeded after the third challenge and began to taste fajita.

Kai, who likes coriander (go-su), made a two-line poem with “coriander” at the end. Kai expressed his ambition, “(go) Is there a fixed position? (su) I think there are some people who need correction.” He showed off his variety show ability by saying, “I’m going to give homework to ‘Amazing Saturday’.”

Source: Daum

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