Kim Jong Kook’s Bitter Confession: “Missed Marriage Timing Due to Exercise”

In a recent episode of SBS’s “Authorized Personnel Only,” Kim Jong Kook made a confession about his marriage.

The show visited the Hwasun mine, the first and oldest coal mine in South Korea, which closed its doors officially in June after 118 years of operation.

Yoon Doo Joon, Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Hyung, and Mimi headed to the underground workplace located at a depth of 18 floors below an apartment building, requiring a 3km journey that took around 30-40 minutes by cart.

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Yoon Doo Joon emphasized strict safety rules, including no exposure outside the cart, no standing during the ride, and no looking back. The members were tense as they were warned about possible injuries if the rules were broken.

Mimi became the first female miner to work in the underground mine, as no female miners had worked there before. She even became the first woman to detonate explosives in the mine.

Kim Jong Kook asked, “Were there any dangerous or thrilling moments?” A staff member revealed the unfortunate fact that back in the 1980s, an average of one worker lost their life every week in the Hwasun mine, with a total of over 200 fatalities.

The staff also mentioned the recent Bonghwa mine accident in Gyeongsangbuk-do, advising the members to carry coffee mix with them at all times, as it could be essential for survival in case of isolation.

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While enjoying lunch with the miners in the rest area, the members unexpectedly heard that the mine had closed its doors at the end of June.

Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Doo Joon met Kim Dong Wook, the head of the safety management team.

Kim Jong Kook asked, “Aren’t your family worried about you doing such a dangerous job?” In response, Kim Dong Wook confessed, “I hope you don’t ask me about such things,” implying he is unmarried.

Upon hearing this news, Kim Jong Kook empathized, saying, “I’m in the same boat. I’m also unmarried.” When Kim Dong Wook inquired why he hadn’t gotten married, Kim Jong Kook revealed, “I missed the timing because of exercising.

Kim Jong Kook said, “I heard that the mine is closing down, so it must be very disheartening for you.” Kim Dong Wook, who had worked there for 31 years, replied, “I’ve never taken a day off. Now, I’m considering taking my first day off on the last day.”

After the intense experience in the mine, Yoon Doo Joon, upon returning to the surface, blamed the production crew, “I wonder why you called us today.”

Source: daum. 

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