Hyolyn revealed what was in her bag, surprised fans with an unexpected hobby

Singer Hyolyn, who is loved for her easy-going image and cool vocals, has made headlines online by unveiling her “unexpected belongings.”

On April 22nd, a “What’s in My Bag” video was released on the “Studio ZDMM” YouTube channel to introduce Hyolyn’s usual stuff in her bag.


Hyolyn was thinking about which belongings to reveal first and took out a big Bible.

Hyolyn smiled awkwardly and said, “In fact, there are some very small Bible books. But if you ask me why I carry around such a big one, I go to Bible study every week,” she said, expressing her hobby.


“It’s a Bible given by my sisters (who I study the Bible together), and I carry it around even if it’s big and heavy because I can take notes on it,” she said adding, “I usually transcribe the Bible. Whenever I have time or when I’m in the waiting room, I copy and write down lines from the Bible, which is why I still carry it around even if it’s heavy and annoying.”

Hyolyn then revealed her second item, which is a hand-stained pencil case, saying it was a must-have item for her Bible study and scribbling.


Hyolyn introduced the pencil case, saying, “I bought it at a large bookstore because I liked this character with a strong personality when I was a trainee or early in my debut.”

She also revealed essentials that she always carries in her bag, including a hand warmer, pouch, and hand cream that she received from SISTAR member Dasom.


Internet users who saw Hyolyn’s unexpected hobbies and belongings said, “The size of her Bible equal that of our church’s deacon,” “It’s surprising that Hyolyn studies the Bible, but it suits her well,” “Her bag must be heavy. Is she exercising with that bag?”

Recently, Hyolyn has proved her unrivaled presence by topping both the first and second rounds with overwhelming skills in Mnet’s survival program “Queendom 2.”

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