Not Song Hye Kyo or Son Ye Jin, this is the actress who has the best bare face on-screen

Even with her bare face on screen, Kim Ji Won still looks quite radiant.

My Liberation Notes is the currently airing drama of actress Kim Ji Won. Although not popular on social networks, the drama still received positive feedback from the audience.

My Liberation Notes

Taking on the role of the female lead Mi Jeong in My Liberation Notes, Kim Ji Won sheds her usual haughty and luxurious image to play a melancholy, depressed girl who is always bored with reality. Having a difficult living situation and being introverted, Mi Jeong always appears with a minimalist look as a way for her not to attract attention. Face with little makeup, simple and discreet outfits with neutral colors are what Kim Ji Won chose for her character. Even in some segments, when Mi Jeong had to go to work in the fields with her family, Kim Ji Won didn’t even wear makeup.

Mi Yeong doesn’t even use lip balm in front of her crush
Even without any makeup, Kim Ji Won’s face is still very beautiful and even looks quite fresh. Her skin is almost flawless.
Even though she doesn’t wear makeup and dresses very casually, Kim Ji Won is still very pretty
Even in the unedited behind-the-scenes photos, Kim Ji Won looks pretty pretty
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