This ex-T-Ara member furiously said to her husband, “That’s why I choose to divorce”

Ah-reum, an ex-member of T-Ara, said there were many problems with her husband’s words. 

In the latest episode of the original TVing series “Between Marriage and Divorce,” which was released on the afternoon of Jul 1st, Ah-reum and Young-gul went on a trip by themselves. They headed to Yeosu, where they had memories of going on a trip before Ah-reum gave birth to their son. 

On the way to the destination, Ah-reum said, “It’s so pretty that the cherry blossoms are partially blooming,” and the two of them simultaneously thought of the song, “Cherry Blossom Ending?” 

When her husband Young-gul said, “Ending? Here?” Ah-reum said, “Cherry blossom ending? Our ending? Today could be our last farewell trip.” 

After hearing Ah-reum saying so, Young-gul was disappointed, saying, “Why do you travel with such a designation in your mind?” 

Ah-reum replied “You never know. I always think that what if it’s the last thing to do. We’ll never know what’s going to happen.” 

Young-gul said, “That’s why you mention divorce so much? And you keep choosing to divorce?” and Ah-reum answered, “That’s because you keep messing with me.” 

Young-gul said, “What are you going to do if we get divorced? I’m sure you’ll just lie down and watch dramas. I’m stressed out,” he said as if he was looking down on the T-Ara ex-member.

That’s why I choose to divorce,” Ah-reum said. “That’s all you say all day. We have a lot of problems,” she shook her head.

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