Ex-IZ*ONE Honda Hitomi’s crying acting received mixed reactions from netizens

Former IZ*ONE member Honda Hitomi (21)’s crying acting is drawing attention.

Recently, a post titled “Honda Hitomi drama crying acting” was uploaded on various online communities. The post contained a video of Honda Hitomi’s crying acting in a Japanese drama.

In the video, Honda Hitomi was acting passionately with a frown on her face. There were tears in her eyes.

In particular, she trembled as her acting reached its peak and frowned so much that her wrinkles between his brows were caught. However, her tears did not flow.

Some netizens showed reactions such as “Who directed it?“, “It’s crying acting just because she frowned?“, “It’s like acting in a typical Japanese drama” and “It makes me cringe.

On the other hand, other netizens left comments such as “In my eyes, she seems to be good at acting“, “It’d be better if she moved her face a little less“, “It’s good compared to her acting experience” and “An actress who will grow more in the future.

Honda Hitomi debuted as a member of girl group IZ*ONE through Mnet’s idol survival program “Produce 48”.

After IZ*ONE disbanded, she returned to Japan and promoted with girl group “AKB48”. She recently announced her graduation. She is currently expanding her position as an actress.

Source: Wikitree

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