TWICE Nayeon shows different visual after getting rid of her bunny teeth

TWICE Nayeon showed a completely different visual in an interview video.

Recently, W KOREA released TWICE Nayeon‘s interview video through its official YouTube channel.

twice nayeon

The video showed Nayeon making various poses at the photo shoot for W KOREA.

Nayeon showed off a more mature beauty in “Black and White” concept outfits.

In particular, Nayeon drew attention by showing her neat teeth instead of her trademark “bunny teeth”.

As Nayeon’s charming point was her cute front teeth, which stand out whenever she smiles, the difference between before and after was clear.

In the past, Nayeon was overflowing with liveliness, but now she exudes the feeling of an actress with a refreshing vibe.

Fans praised, “It looks like her teeth were laminated, but she’s prettier”, “She has become completely elegant”…

Meanwhile, Nayeon picked “eyes” as her favorite facial part.

To the question “What’s your criteria on choosing photos to upload on social media?”, she replied, “I actually ask people around me a lot and tend to upload ones people say it’s pretty.”

Source: insight

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