Ex-AOA Kwon Min-ah: “The guy who sexually assaulted me is making a scene everywhere, I will never forgive him”

Kwon Min-ah, an ex-member of AOA, mentioned her sexual assault case 14 years ago, saying, “I’m surprised to hear his statement, I won’t ever forgive”.

Kwon Min-ah

Kwon Min-ah, an actress/ex-member from girl group AOA, revealed how a man who sexually assaulted her 14 years ago was investigated by the prosecution. In addition, she said he could never forgive the perpetrator. 

The Busan police recently sent a 20-year-old man to the prosecution on charges of rape and injury to which Kwon Min-ah was the victim. A is accused of assaulting and raping Kwon Min-ah who was a freshman in middle school in Busan in 2007.

Kwon Min-ah
Kwon Min-ah

In this regard, Kwon Min-ah explained on her Instagram, “There are many comments saying “How can you send someone to the prosecution only with my and the witness’ statements?” “Aren’t you just making someone a criminal?” “Isn’t it mythomania?”. Our witnesses and statements were helpful, but various tests also had to be done, and the statute of limitations was longer than just rape, so it was possible.”

“I can’t control the law at will. The police officers worked really hard, and I also took a lot of courage to do this,” she said.

Kwon Min-ah

Kwon Min-ah said, “Because the person who committed the crime himself makes a fuss about it so much, so I think even everyone could remember better than me that whether the time of the sexual assault was 2007 or 2008. I heard that If the crime of injury was not proven, the statute of limitations would be over. I almost lost my life, but I don’t know if that will testify against the crime or not. The ruling has yet to be made. No matter what the ruling is, I think I’ll just feel unfair,” she said.

She also said about the perpetrator, “I was surprised to hear his statement. There are people who can be forgiven and there are people who can’t be forgiven, but he has become one of the people who can’t be forgiven,” she said, emphasizing, “I can never forgive.”

Kwon Min-ah

Kwon Min-ah continued, “The law is not easy. I already said that I didn’t expect anything because I realized a lot after going through many things. I have to go to Busan to examine at university hospital soon. I asked them to investigate with a lie detector, but when they finally tested with a lie detector, the investigation team said that only one question could be decided and asked,” she said.

She continued, “I don’t know much about the law either. How can I go to the prosecution’s investigation only with witnesses?”

“I still remember the structure and location of the place where the previous incident occurred,” she said to those who insulted her, “Don’t kill people with words, but think about yourself who is telling me such words.”

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