Even when standing next to top visual Tzuyu, this TWICE member still stands out thanks to her milky white skin 

This member’s pale skin makes her “outshine” even TWICE’s visual Tzuyu. 

Tzuyu has always been famous as TWICE’s visual member. She is also crowned the most beautiful face in the world for multiple years in a row according to TC Candler’s ranking. Thanks to her outstanding beauty and physique, Tzuyu easily takes the spotlight in the lineup of TWICE. But even when standing next to Tzuyu, Dahyun still literally shines thanks to her trademark milky white skin. 


Dahyun, who is nicknamed “tofu” by fans, is known to have rare pinkish white skin among K-pop idols. She looks pale even in unfiltered photos taken by the phone camera. TWICE has a lot of members and is full of visuals, but fans can always spot Dahyun easily thanks to her skin. Especially when the flash is on, Dahyun looks like she’s literally glowing, outshining other members. 

Standing next to Tzuyu, Dahyun looks even more pale. Although she is not tall, Dahyun stands out because of her outstanding white skin. 
Dahyun has incredibly pale skin, making her outshine even the visual goddess Tzuyu
Among TWICE’s all-visual lineup, Dahyun stands out thanks to her skin

Source: K14

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