NCT 127 gave a spoiler for their new songs, ‘Energetic and explosive’

NCT 127 will bring more energetic songs to fans with their new album.

NCT 127 "Sticker" album

At 1 PM on September 17, NCT 127 will release their 3rd full album, ‘Sticker’, on all music sites. The will be 11 songs in this album, including the title song.

Recently, a spoiler has just been given out. The first song, ‘Breakfast’, is an uptempo future house dance song. The highlight of the song is the rhythmical bassline and the synth sound.

The lyrics that depict a love story will also impress fans. It expresses the feeling of a man who wants to stay by his lover’s side until the next morning.

‘Far’ is a pop dance song. The combination of sound effects and FX source creates a strong feeling that is full of energy.

The lyrics of this song are also special. ‘Far’ contains a message that tells the listeners to ignore other people and focus on their ambitions to reach the sky and go beyond space.

NCT 127 has received great reactions from fans even though the songs haven’t been released yet. On August 23, NCT 127’s album sale exceeded 1,329,000 pre-orders in just one day, proving their power in physical album selling.

Meanwhile, on September 17, ‘Sticker’ will also be released on all the digital streaming platforms. Pre-orders are currently available on many online and offline stores.

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