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“Earth Arcade” receives mixed reactions of joy and sorrow due to generation gaps

tvN’s entertainment program “Earth Arcade” has emerged as a “killer” content captivating the viewers of MZ Generation everywhere by providing them a variety of attractions.

Earth Arcade” features 4 people (comedian Lee Eun-ji, Oh My Girl’s Mimi, IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin, and singer Lee Young-ji) playing various games and finishing missions in Thailand. The program is also called “The women’s version of New Journey to the West” because it has a similar format to the famous program “New Journey to the West” produced by PD Na Young-seok. However, the audience found this program interesting and unique as the rapidly decreasing age range of the members and the generation gap between them and the production team. Utilizing activities like “random play dance” memes, the show attracts positive responses from younger generations.

The popularity of “Earth Arcade” is also revealed through various hot topic charts. According to Good Data Corporation on August 2nd, the program ranked No.1 in the “Non-drama TV hot topics” chart in the 4th week of July (July 25th ~ July 31st). In the CPI ranking released by CJ ENM, “Earth Arcade” ranked 4th place in the list of “Entertainment show TOP 50”. 

Its contents are also in the TOP 5 Trending Videos on Youtube. The viewers poured out favorable reviews, such as “The performances of ‘new faces’, such as Mimi and Ahn Yu-jin, really stand out”, praising the production team for discovering new entertainment stars.

Contrary to its popularity, the rating of “Earth Arcade” remain in the low range of 3% (data provided by Nielsen Korea). People inside and outside the broadcasting industry said that the show couldn’t secure middle-aged viewers, who are the main users of TV.

The production team is also paying attention to the reactions that are divided among generations. In a telephone conversation with Sports Dong-a on August 2nd, PD Park Hyun-yong said, “With an aim to serialize the program and broadcast it for a long time, we are preparing various devices to approach different generations. He continued, “It will take a while for the viewers to get used to the appearance of the members, who are still unfamiliar to the public”, adding “We will try to narrow the gap between viewers by building a good teamwork between the cast members.”

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