T-ara Hyomin deleted recent update after being criticized for “Ilbe” caption

On March 8th, Hyomin uploaded a short video on her Instagram story, where she boasted about her outfit.


In particular, the female idol can be seen showing off her unique fashion sense by combining an oversized jacket with a mini skirt and black shoes.

She added a short caption in the video, but some expressions in the sentence caused a problem.

Hyomin wrote, “I got the inspiration after seeing a fashion show yesterday”, adding “The skirt is already short, but I think it should be shorter”.


The ending tag “-no” and the expression “-igi” are both Gyeongsang dialects.

However, these words are considered hateful expressions as they have been used to insult and disparage former President Roh Moo Hyun in the extreme right-wing online community “Ilbe”.

Netizens on the online community FMKorea who saw Hyomin’s post reacted, “Wow, it’s really shocking. It’s not an edited picture but a real one?”, “It’s actually more surprising if she doesn’t know what it means”, “Is it true that she wrote it? I’m shocked”, “I’m surprised that she uses it publicly”, “She’s been in the entertainment industry for many years, then why is she using such an inappropriate language?”, etc.


Earlier, several celebrities have also been caught using these expressions and were criticized for their ignorance of the origin of those words.

Hyomin has already deleted the post but screenshots of it are still spreading online.

Source: Wikitree

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