Not Ryu Jun Yeol? Hyeri hand in hand with an actor with an affectionate gaze

Hyeri, who is starring in the K-drama “May I Help You?”, showed sweet chemistry with a male co-star in real life.

On December 15th, Hyeri posted several photos of herself on SNS with the caption, “What will happen to Tae Hee and Dong Ju? Everyone, will you watch until the end?”

In a published photo, Hyeri and actor Lee Jun Young, who assumes the role of male lead Tae Hee in the MBC drama “May I Help You?”, can be seen holding hands while looking at each other with fondness. 

hyeri lee jun young

Another photo shows Hyeri playing with Lee Jun Young, who is sitting next to her, by poking his cheeks, recreating their affectionate chemistry in the drama. 

In response, Lee Jun Young commented, “I’m watching the broadcast well”, to which Hyeri replied, “Thank you so much”, making them seem like best friends. 

hyeri lee jun young

Meanwhile, Hyeri has been openly dating actor Ryu Jun Yeol since 2017. The idol-actress is currently appearing in the drama “May I Help You?”, while Ryu Jun Yeol is meeting the audience through his movie “The Night Owl”.

Source: Nate 

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