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Song Ji-hyo transforms into a beautiful ‘Byun magistrate’ on “Running Man”… The members react “Marry me!”

The new episode of SBS’s “Running Man” will reveal a new image of Song Ji-hyo who controls the members with her extraordinary tension.

In the recent recording for the new episode of “Running Man”, which will air on July 24th, a “Running Exhibition” where the members transformed into characters in various Korean folk talks. Song Ji-hyo drew attention for her acting performance with an unusual great tension and the way she perfectly digested all the characters’ items.

song ji hyo running man

The members were amazed when Song Ji-hyo, who transformed into ‘Byun magistrate’ in “The story of Choonhyang”, appeared wearing a magistrate hat. Captivated by Song Ji-hyo’s beautiful visual even when she was playing ‘Byun magistrate’, the members, who acted as Sung Chung-hyang, said “Mary me”. The competition to gain attention from the beautiful magistrate drew great laughter. 

song ji hyo running man

Song Ji-hyo responded to the members with sweet and fierce talks, saying “You talk too much”, “Are you trying to seduce me?”, making everyone on the filming set laugh hard. 

song ji hyo running man

In addition, Song Ji-hyo played Heungbu, who does the sogo dance, in “The tale of Heungbu” and the angry tiger in “the Sun and the Moon”. She naturally led the skits with her impressive acting skills. The members reacted, “You looks so weird today”, “You’re originally not like this”, showing enthusiastic responses to Song Ji-hyo’s high-tension appearance.

song ji hyo running man

Song Ji-hyo, who becomes “tension Ji-hyo” in Korean folk tales, can be seen on “Running Man”, which will air at 5 p.m on July 24th.

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