A “face genius” male student on HYBE’s audition program who dreams of becoming the second BTS

A “face genius” male student appeared on HYBE Labels Japan’s first audition program.

Since July 9th, the global boy group debut project “&AUDITION – The Howling -” has been unveiled on HYBE Labels‘ official YouTube channel and Hulu in Japan.

“&AUDITION – The Howling -” contains various performances and growth stories of 11 trainees and 4 people from the debut group, including K, Nicholas, EJ and Taki, who appeared on Mnet’s “I-LAND” that aired in Korea in 2020.

Among the trainees, Harua is the one who is captivating fans’ hearts with his unique visuals. Harua, who was born in 2005 and is 18 years old this year, drew attention by giving off a cute, sexy and refreshing vibe.


Harua, who has attractive fair skin and rabbit teeth, boasted a beauty similar to that of BTS Jungkook and idol actor Im Si-wan. Whenever Harua was caught in the ending shot, he showed off his three-dimensional features and created a scene of youth.

In addition, Harua confessed that he likes rice soup that can warm his body among Korean food, making Korean viewers become fans of him.

Netizens showed enthusiastic reactions such as “HYBE-style”, “An example of good-looking boys” and “‘Debut Free Pass’ beauty. I think he’ll become more handsome when he grows up.”

Meanwhile, the boy group that will debut through “&AUDITION – The Howling -” is expected to continue their global moves by working on the world stage.

Source: Insight

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