Mijoo exclaims “Wow, goosebumps” during PSY’s acceptance speech at Seoul Music Awards

On the afternoon of January 19th, the 32nd Seoul Music Awards was held at KSPO DOME, Olympic Park, Seoul.

Here, PSY, who won the Bonsang (Main Prize) and the World Best Artist Award, made an impression. He expressed his feelings by saying, “Singers have to convey themselves through songs.”


MC Mijoo, who heard this in the host’s seat, unknowingly admired and laughed, saying, “Wow, goosebumps.”

Lee Mijoo

PSY continued, “I appreciate that my name is still being called consistently alongside my junior at this awards ceremony. I’m grateful for my usefulness.”

After finishing his acceptance speech, PSY drew enthusiastic cheers with a performance of his latest title song “That That”.

Source: nate

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