HYBE chairman Bang Si Hyuk donated 5 billion won to Seoul National University 

Bang Si Hyuk, the producer behind BTS and chairman of HYBE, donated 5 billion won to support juniors at his alma mater. 

On January 19th, Seoul National University held the “Development Fund Agreement Ceremony” at the Gwanak Campus with the attendance of the school’s president Oh Se Jung, vice-president Lee Won Woo, and HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk

On this day, Chairman Bang surprised everyone by donating 5 billion won, asking for efforts to expand and renovate the Seoul National University Cultural Center.

Bang Shi-hyuk

In particular, Bang Si Hyuk explained, “I decided to donate because I experienced that the help from society will be a huge boost for a person’s growth.”

He also added, “I hope that a virtuous cycle of donations will continue, where juniors feel confident to pursue their dream and grow, before contributing again and giving back to society”

Finally, he said, “I hope that the Seoul National University Cultural Center will become a meaningful space for the future development of Korean culture and the development of human resources.”

Bang Shi-hyuk

Meanwhile, Seoul National University’s President, Oh Se Jung, expressed his gratitude to Bang Si Hyuk and said, “We will create a ‘Bang Si Hyuk Lounge’ in the cultural center, which will be expanded and renovated in the future.”

As news of the donation spread, netizens reacted enthusiastically and left a lot of comments on the online community “theqoo”. 

In particular, they said, “The donation amount is simply different”, “This is amazing, really”, “I envy him, who has the financial power to donate that much”, “Bang Si Hyuk’s amount is on a different level”, “His donation becomes more and more generous each time”, and so on.

Bang Shi-hyuk

On the other hand, Chairman Bang is a student from Seoul National University’s class of 1991. Last year, he became the first person in the pop culture industry to receive an honorary doctorate degree from Seoul National University in recognition of his contribution to the global “Korean Wave” (Hallyu) craze.

bang si hyuk

In 2005, Bang Si Hyuk founded Big Hit Entertainment and played a big role in producing BTS, who later became a world-famous boy group.

Since then, Bang Si Hyuk has been leading innovation in the global entertainment industry as a chairman and producer of Big Hit Entertainment, which was reformed into HYBE Labels in 2021. 

Source: wikitree

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