“He will get teased if Lee Min Jung sees this… ” Lee Byung Hun’s past video brought back by KBS 

Lee Byung Hun’s past video uploaded on KBS’s official YouTube channel became a hot topic.

On January 19th, a video of Lee Byung Hun was uploaded on KBS’s YouTube channel. In the video, Lee Byung Hun’s break dance in 1993’s “All-Round Saturday Acting” and the viral “Oh No” meme from the 2009 drama “Iris” led by Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, are cross-edited.

Lee Byung-hun
Lee Byung-hun

KBS said, “This year marks the 50th anniversary of KBS becoming a public broadcaster. Viewers, please select the ’50 People who made KBS shine’, who cried and laughed together with viewers through our programs for the past 50 years.”

According to KBS, the voting period is until January 31st, and 512 people among those who participated in the vote will be presented with laptops and AirPods. Winners will be announced on February 13th.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Why are you uploading this video when you ask for 50 people to be selected?”, “I’m curious about his wife’s (Lee Min Jung’s) reaction”, “If Lee Min Jung sees this, he will be teased for the rest of his life…

Lee Byung-hun

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun is about to appear in Netflix’s original movie “The Match” in the second quarter of 2023. “The Match” is a Go movie that depicts the match between Jo Hoon Hyun and Lee Chang Ho, real figures in the Korean Go world. Lee Byung Hun plays Jo Hoon Hyun, and Yoo Ah In plays Lee Chang Ho.

The Match

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