Kim Tae Hee and Rain will have a good year, “Earn a lot of money from the age of 54, might have a son”

Singer Rain went to see a fortune teller to see whether his New Year’s fortune is good on “Season B Season.”

On Jan 19th, a video titled “Rain’s fortune (New Year’s fortune, money fortune, compatibility) surprised even the fortune teller” was posted on the YouTube channel “Season B Season.”

In the video, Rain went to meet the master of fortune telling and have his New Year’s fortune foreseen.

Bi Rain

First, the fortune teller said, “Your luck starts during your middle age and will continue strongly until your final years. You will make a lot of money from the age of 54 to the final days of your life.” Rain replied with a rather arrogant look, “I already have too much thou.

The fortune teller continued, “It said Rain is very rich and that you did everything without regrets. However, you are supposed to have 100% of the money, but you only has 10%. Where did all the money go?” In response, Rain was embarrassed and said, “If that’s the amount of money I supposed to have, I could have been chairman Jin Yang Chul.

Bi Rain

The process also included personality analysis. Regarding Rain’s personality, the master said, “You are very urgent, sharp, and sensitive. To put it nicely, let’s say you are sensitive, or in other words, you are easily annoyed. You have nowhere to let go of your stress, but you just put it away thiking ‘I have no problem’ and it just festers.” Rain agreed, “So I relieve that stress by exercising. I go to the gym every day. I’m so happy when I work out,” he replied.

Rain also asked if he could make a big hit, saying that he would be in two different works this time. In response, the fortune teller said, “Everything will go well. You will become a hot issue thanks to an award or reaction from overseas. I think you will go global next year,” she said, pleasing Rain.

Bi Rain

The master added Rain had good luck in terms of his children, adding, “You have no intention of having more kids, but you two might welcome a new baby by chance. Think of it as a gift when it comes to you. There is a high possibility that you will have a son.” Rain was surprised and said, “But I have two now?” but confessed, “In fact, I had a dream of catching two golden carp last year. I even thought, ‘Will we have twins?‘”

Meanwhile, Rain married actor Kim Tae Hee in 2017 and the couple now have two daughters.

Source: Sports Chosun

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