BTS Jin escorted by police for Coldplay’s concert, revealed it’s hard without BTS 

Jin, a member of boy group BTS, mentioned that it’s hard to perform with a group other than his own team. 

On February 5th, a video title “Jin Coldplay Concert Special Performance Sketch” was published on BTS’ official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.

In the video, Jin garnered attention by performing his solo song “The Astronaut” at the Coldplay World Tour concert held at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 2022, before enlisting


On this day, Jin traveled to Coldplay’s concert venue for rehearsal. Although Jin was exhausted from the long flight, he showed his admiration for Coldplay, saying, “I’m very excited to be performing.”

As sirens sounded ceaselessly around Jin’s vehicle as it moved, Jin mentioned the level of security and said, “Being escorted by the police makes me feel like I work in the government.” Then, the male idol practiced by humming his song even in the car.


Upon arriving at the venue, Jin warmed up before rehearsal, and greeted Chris Martin, whom he hadn’t seen in a while, by hugging. The BTS member also prepared for his stage professionally by communicating closely with involved staff members. 

After the rehearsal, Jin revealed his nervousness, saying, “This is nerve-racking without my team. Even Coldplay are a team. It’s tough performing with a different team.”


He also added, “It would be less nervous if it were our concert. It’s my first time performing at another artist’s concert, I shouldn’t be so nervous. I’m used to performing with all seven of us, so performing alone…at another artist’s concert at that… I guess I must be more nervous in that sense.”

Then, on the day of the performance. Jin made a promise to do his best and exploded with passion for the stage. 


Finally, after everything was finished, Jin expressed his regrets and said, “I was so nervous that I closed my eyes the whole time. There were so many fans. I just closed my eyes and I couldn’t really smile”.

 Nevertheless, the male idol was proud of himself, thanking fans and calling the performance “incredible” and “fun”.

Meanwhile, Jin enlisted as the first member of the team in December of last year.

Source: Nate

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