The current status of LE SSERAFIM after Kim Garam was kicked out

How is girl group LE SSERAFIM faring after one of their member left due to controversies

LE SSERAFIM has been the talk of town in recent months, due to Kim Garam’s school violence controversies. At first, HYBE tried to defend the female idol, but has since terminated their contract with Kim Garam, leaving LE SSERAFIM with 5 members Sakura, Yunjin, Chaewon, and Eunchae.

Contrary to other groups who lost a member, LE SSERAFIM only seems to be doing better. In fact, the 5 remaining members of the group continuously post cute and happy interactions among themselves on SNS, showing that Kim Garam’s departure doesn’t affect them. In addition, the group has also been gaining the public’s favor, who were glad that Kim Garam finally left the group.

le sserafim
LE SSERAFIM seems to be as happy as ever after losing a member 
Le Sserafim
Meanwhile, fans find LE SSERAFIM better with 5 members

While she was still with the group, Kim Garam was often placed in the center position. However, LE SSERAFIM has been showing that everyone else could be the center, and even shine brighter after Kim Garam was gone. Her lines in the debut song “FEARLESS” are also distributed fairly to the group, and now every member has adequate screen time. The change isn’t noticeable on variety shows either. 

Le Sserafim
Kim Garam’s departure has little effect on LE SSERAFIM’s activities 
le sserafim
Any member can stand in the center instead of Kim Garam 
le sserafim
Kazuha and Eunchae even got more lines thanks to LE SSERAFIM listing a member
le sserafim
The group is currently re-filming their shows with the 5 member line up 

Another huge change that occurred after Kim Garam’s departure is that LE SSERAFIM now has more individual schedules, with each member being invited to events of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, or Burberry. They also appeared in famous fashion magazines.

le sserafim
Sakura attended a Louis Vuitton event in Japan
Kazuha seemed to have caught the eyes of designer house Fendi
Chaewon was dressed in the newest collection of Burberry
Le Sserafim kazuha eunchae cosmopolitan
Kazuha and Eunchae appeared on fashion magazine Cosmopolitan
Sakura donned a Louis Vuitton outfit on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Japan
le sserafim
Kazuha and Sakura are getting a lot of offers for magazine pictorials 
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