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“Doctor Cha” Myung Se Bin Mentions Her Divorce on “My Little Old Boy”

Myung Se Bin drew attention by mentioning divorce on the June 18th episode of SBS variety show “My Little Old Boy”.

In the June 18th episode of “My Little Old Boy”, Myung Se Bin appeared as a special MC. The actress recently gained popularity for her role as Choi Seung Hee, the mistress in the recent drama “Doctor Cha.” 

When asked if she feels her popularity these days, Myung Se Bin laughed and said, “People around me say they hate me, but they still show love. The more criticism I receive, the more I feel popular, so even getting criticized feels good.” 

The hate means her acting skills are that good. However, Myung Se Bin also cautiously mentioned, “I receive severe criticism, to the point where it’s difficult to appear on broadcasts.”

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Above all, Myung Se Bin is a veteran actress with 27 years of experience, who was once considered the “Nation’s First Love”. She also gained attention as the “original CF queen”. 

Regarding the incident where she couldn’t even go to the restroom because of her image, Myung Se Bin laughed and said, “When my manager went out, they would watch over me. It was cautious and difficult, but now I feel very comfortable.”

At that moment, Tony Ahn’s mother suddenly asked, “Did you get married?”, to which Myung Se Bin hesitated and mentioned her divorce in 2008.

Feeling embarrassed, Tony Ahn’s mother said, “I live in the mountains, so I didn’t know about the (news of Myung Se Bin’s) divorce.”

Source: Naver

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