“Do you regret getting married early?” What’s Aiki’s answer? 

Yoo In-na, Lee Yong-jin, and Aiki had time to get to know each other by sharing private questions and answers. 

JTBC pilot entertainment program “Very Private Relationship – Between Us” (hereinafter referred to as “Between Us”) will premiere at 11 p.m. on March 21st. “Between Us” is a real relationship talk show in which cast members get to know each other through “relationship questions and answers.” Actor Yoo In-na, broadcaster Lee Yong-jin, and dancer Aiki participate as 3 MCs and talk with viewers while looking into their private talks.

Very Private Relationship - Between Us

Ahead of the first broadcast, “Between Us” released a teaser video showing Yoo In-na sitting face to face with Lee Yong-jin and Aiki on March 3rd through its YouTube channel. In an exciting yet awkward atmosphere like a blind date, the three could not hide their embarrassment after receiving a mission to exchange private questions and answers with each other. 

Very Private Relationship - Between Us

However, they soon began to write, ask, answer, and communicate with the other person step by step. Amid interesting questions such as “I want to know about Lee Yong-jin’s weakness,” “If Yoo In-na gets to live as Aiki for a day?” “(Aiki) Do you regret getting married early?”, the 3 MCs showed their reaction towards the honest answers from the others, saying “Really? You don’t look like that at all,” “I’ve seen you wrong,” and “You’re just like me.” The real feelings of Yoo In-na, Lee Yong-jin, and Aiki, which wouldn’t have been revealed if not asked, will be revealed on the show.

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