The reason why 173-cm-tall Jang Won-young became the ‘shortest’ member of IVE on the 19th

There was an incident where Jang Won-young, the highest member of IVE, became the ‘shortest’ in the team. 

On the 19th, IVE attended the ’32nd Seoul Music Awards’ (hereinafter SMA) red carpet event. This year’s SMA was held at KSPO DOME in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

On this day, IVE members also attended and posed at the photo wall. Jang Won-young showed off her doll-like beauty.


On this day, it was Jang Won-young’s ‘height’ that caught the attention of the fans. Originally, she is nicknamed ‘Giant Baby’ because of her baby-like face and her 173 cm height.

Jang Won-young is the tallest among IVE members, yet on this day, she looked like the smallest. The reason Jang Won-young, the tallest girl, looked the shortest was because of her ‘flat shoes’. 

While the other members showed off their slender legs by wearing high heels, Jang Won-young wore flat shoes. 

Jang Won-young
Jang Won-young

On the other hand, IVE, who participated in ‘SMA’, won the Bonsang award and the Best Musical Award for the title song of her 2nd single, ‘LOVE DIVE’.

Jang Won-young said, “I think of many people to whom I am very, very grateful.” She added, “I really love the song ‘Love Dive’ and I met a lot of good songs and it has been loved by many people since last year.”

She expressed her gratitude to the fans, saying, “I spent a meaningful year with my beloved Dive (fandom name) and members.”

She concluded, “Thank you very much to the staff and I hope that everyone will have a healthy and happy 2023 without getting sick.”

Jang Won-young

Meanwhile, IVE, to which Jang Won-young belongs, debuted in December 2021 with the single ‘ELEVEN’. IVE’s average height is 169 cm. All the members are tall, and they have attracted attention with their extraordinary proportions. Besides, all their three songs released after their debut were successful. In November and December of last year, at the ‘Melon Music Awards’, ‘Mama Awards’, and ‘Asian Artist Awards’, they all received the Rookie Award and the Grand Prize at the same time.


In addition, IVE won the Rookie of the Year Award and the Grand Prize in the digital music category at the ’37th Golden Disc Awards’ on the 7th. She became the first artist to win both the Rookie Award and the Daesang at the ‘Golden Disc Awards’.

IVE will hold the first fan-con ‘The Prom Queens’ at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul on the 11th and 12th of next month.

Source: Wikitree

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