“Self-reflection after drunk-driving scandal”, Lizzy still looks skinny after she gained 7kg

Lizzy, a former member of Kpop girl group After School, revealed her recent situation after her drunk-driving scandal

On September 6th, Lizzy, whose real name is Park Soo Young, posted several photos of herself via Instagram.

In the published photos, Lizzy can be seen feeding ducks by the river, while wearing a black sleeveless shirt and a denim skirt. The actress also wore a cap, and a photo showed her turning around with a broad smile.

Previously, Lizzy revealed that she gained 7kg from 41kg, but her skinny body still draws attention.

On the other hand, Lizzy was indicted for driving a car after drinking in May. The former idol and actress crashed into a taxi near the intersection of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and was fined 15 million won.

Source: Nate

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