The result of the public opinion survey on BTS’s military service issue has been announced

The public opinion survey on BTS’s military enlistment was recently conducted and the result has also been revealed.

Jowon C&I, a company specializing in public opinion surveys, announced the result of the “BTS’s Special Military Service Exemption Survey” conducted on 1,001 citizens nationwide on September 4th at the request of Straight News.


As a result, 54.1% of voters agreed that BTS must fulfill their military service duties. 40.1% of survey respondents said that special benefits should be given to BTS members.


The results for people who responded that BTS must complete military service came out evenly for both men and women in all regions.

Korean Military

In particular, 73.2% of those in their 20s said BTS should enlist in the military. More than half of men (58.1%) and women (50.3%) agreed that BTS must fulfill mandatory military service.

Korean Military

Earlier, when asked about the controversy over BTS’s military service exemption issue at the plenary session of the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee on August 31st, Minister of National Defense Lee Jong-sub said, “I ordered the survey to be conducted quickly”, adding “We will make a careful decision considering national interests at various levels.”

Source: Wikitree

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