A 35-year-old female Kpop idol is going to re-debut in a 4th gen girl group

Now 35 years old, this female Kpop idol is unable to give up her dream, and make her 3rd debut in a 4th gen girl group.

Song Minkyung, born in 1987, used to be a member of the 2nd generation Kpop girl group “The SeeYa”. She was the leader of “The SeeYa”, and remained until the group’s disbandment in 2015, but did not achieve any noticeable success. In 2018, she joined TaesaBiae, only for the group to cease activity within the very same year.

song minkyung

Despite having been in 2 failed groups, Minkyung never gives up on her dreams, and now, at the age of 35 years old, she is going for a 3rd debut. In particular, Minkyung has been announced as a member of the 4th gen girl group “YaYaYa”, making her the oldest 4th girl group member. 

song minkyung

As Kpop idols normally debut at extremely young ages, Minkyung’s situation is one of a kind, and netizens hope that she will attain success and empower older trainees who want to join the entertainment industry at later ages. 

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