“Street Woman Fighter” Rihey revealed her hot boyfriend on the show

Dancer Rihey’s boyfriend, Knucks, is currently a hot topic thanks to his handsome visual.

Rihey and Knucks

On Oct 11th, some photos of Rihey and Knucks were posted on the online community. Knucks also appeared in the 7th episode preview of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter“, which was released on the same day.

Rihey and Knucks

The male dancer was there for the “Man of Women Mission”. CocaNButter crew, which Rihey belongs to, showed their willingness to show a real performance with Rihey’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, netizens praised Knucks, “He looks like Yoon Doo-joon from Highlight.” Many photos posted on his SNS started to spread around.

Rihey and Knucks
Rihey and Knucks

Rihey and Knucks have been together for 7 years. Dancing is what they have in common. They fit perfectly with each other.

Rihey and Knucks
Rihey and Knucks

They often post couple photos on their social media, showing affection for each other without addition or subtraction. Their chemistry is so sweet as they have been dating for a long time.

Netizens all agree that they are a perfect match. One netizen praised, “You guys look like a couple who show us what ‘hot’ really is.”

Knucks’ physical traits are mentioned a lot. As he is a Krump dancer, he had a muscular and firm bodybuilt.

One netizen drew laughter by saying, “I only saw the picture, but I think I already lost the fight.”

Meanwhile, Mnet has already released the public evaluation video of “Man of Women Mission” of CocaNButter crew featuring Knucks.

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