“Do you have no more to talk about except for dating?”…Celebrities’ love stories that cause fatigue

For a celebrity who is in a public relationship, questions about their lover follow them like a tag everywhere. The lover’s name is listed together in articles. Even after breakup, the lover is still mentioned as ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend.

For this reason, many celebrities do not directly mention their lovers’ names in interviews and broadcasts, or try to avoid related stories as much as possible.

On the contrary, there are cases where excessive mentions cause fatigue and even raise suspicions of “love marketing”. They use mass psychology, which is very interested in celebrities’ relationships, marriages and breakups, to attract attention. One example is comedians Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji Min, who started dating publicly in April last year.


At that time, the fact that Kim Jun Ho and Kim Ji Min are dating was a hot topic. The fact that Kim Jun Ho is a divorced man and the 9-year age difference between the two drew public attention. While the public’s response to the two’s romantic relationship was divided into two extremes, they began to mention each other without hesitation on various entertainment programs as if they had waited for a long time.

It was so absurd that Tak Jae Hoon even joked, “Kim Jun Ho is dating Kim Ji Min for marketing purposes. I know that Ji Min will not get married. They will break up once both achieve their goals.” 

However, at the time, Kim Jun Ho said, “After dating Ji Min, all I have to talk about is Ji Min. My daily life is Ji Min.” It’s not that the couple’s feelings in the midst of their love cannot be understood, however, it just doesn’t seem like a wise move, especially considering why other celebrities in public relationships hesitate to mention each other publicly.


One of those “bad examples” is HyunA and Dawn. In 2018, the couple went public with their relationship and were inseparable, always together regardless of where they were or what they were doing. They even signed contracts with P Nation side by side after leaving their agency, formed the duo “HyunA & Dawn”, released the album “1+1=1”, and promoted the title track “PING PONG” together.

In addition, they took couple photoshoots, appeared on variety shows together, and never missed talking about their partner even when appearing separately. In February last year, they publicly proposed by showing off custom-made couple rings, causing marriage rumors, but suddenly announced their official breakup in November.

However, rumors of reconciliation persisted even after their breakup. Although they deleted the proposal ring pictures and videos from their SNS, they left couple advertisements intact, had piercings in the same spot, made public appearances together, and even shared overseas schedules. In February, pictures of the two on a date at an exhibition were released, sparking another round of reconciliation rumors. Despite this, Dawn’s new agency issued an ambiguous statement, saying that Dawn is “maintaining a good relationship with HyunA,” leading to speculation about “couple marketing”.


Amid this, Dawn appeared on a special content on the YouTube channel “1theK” on April 14th, saying that he has gotten tired of reconciliation rumors. However, he also does not deny nor confirm the reconciliation, and even said he feels the same for HyunA after their breakup. The video itself was also filled with contents related to HyunA, proving that after their public relationship, Dawn has been imprinted in the public’s mind only as “HyunA’s boyfriend” rather than a separate soloist. This was by no doubt, a self-inflicted side effect of excessive “couple marketing”.


Of course, HyunA and Dawn passionately loved each other, and even after their breakup, they still have affection for each other. However, now is the time to realize the need to separate public and private matters. Since the public has seen their undisguised expressions of love for each other during their seven-year relationship and five-year public relationship, it will not be easy to separate the two of them. If they are truly tired of reconciliation rumors, they should make an effort to be independent of each other and stand alone from now on.

Source: Naver

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