The process of DIA’s disbandment: release last album in August, exclusive contract ends in September 

The Kpop girl group DIA will release their final album as a group in late summer. 

According to reports from music industry insiders on May 11th, DIA has started preparing for their album with plans to release it in August. If this plan follows through, this will be the group’s first comeback in about 2 years and 4 months, after their 6th mini album “Flower 4 Seasons”, which dropped back in June 2020. 


This will be the group’s last album before their contract with Pocketdol Studio (previously MBK) expired this year. 

All 6 remaining members of DIA, including Eunice, Hui Hyeon, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, and Jueun, have decided to go their separate ways after finishing promotions for this upcoming album. Jung Chaeyeon, who used to debut with I.O.I, will focus on her acting activities. 

The group’s exclusive contract with Pocketdol Studio will end in September, but DIA decided to release their last album and promote it as a beautiful farewell to fans. 

An official from DIA‘s agency – Pocketdol Studio said on the same day through Sports Chosun, “DIA will release the last album in August, and their exclusive contract will officially end in September”.

DIA debuted in September 2015 with their first full-length album “Do It Amazing”.

Throughout their 7-year career, the group has released songs that cover a great variety of genres, including “Somehow”, “On the Way,” “Mr. Potter,” “I Want to Date,” “E905,” “Good Night,” “Woo Woo,” “Wow,” and “I’ll Fight You.”

Originally, DIA included 7 members, but has undergone frequent changes before reaching the 6-member lineup of today. 


Among the group, the visual Jung Chaeyeon drew large attention after appearing in the hit survival show “Produce 101”, and debuting with the winner group I.O.I. The member Yebin also debuted as a part of project group Uni.T after winning the KBS survival show “The Unit”, and released a solo song. 

The group also used to promote two subunits, including BinChaenHyunSeuS (Yebin, Chaeyeon, Huihyeon, Eunice) and L.U.B (Jueun, Eunchae). 

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