Fans are surprised to find out about BTS V’s relationship with legendary singer Park Hyo-shin

BTS’s V gifted fans with a surprise duet with singer Park Hyo-shin. 

V posted a short video on his Instagram story early on January 31st. 

The post showed V and Park Hyo-shin sitting side by side.

V smiled after saying, “Just,” amid Matt Maltese’ song “Less and Less” playing.

A short duet performance by the two was revealed. They sang along to pop songs with complete heavenly harmony. 

The unexpected duet has made ARMYs (BTS’s fandom names) around the world excited.

Park Hyo-shin BTS V

In fact, V confessed his love to Park Hyo-shin several times before, drawing attention. 

On January 5th, the idol even uploaded Park Hyo-shin‘s “Sound of Winter” on SNS. He also expressed his special love to the singer, saying, “I am desperate for a new song (from Park Hyo-shin).” 

The video caused great stir not only among ARMYs but also Park Hyo-shin‘s fans. 

Park Hyo-shin BTS V

Park Hyo-shin has not done any official activities since his 2019 concert, which is all the more touching to them.

Meanwhile, BTS, which V belongs to, has been on a long vacation since their LA concert last month.

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