“Snowdrop” has been through many ups and downs, but Jung Hae-in was sincere

“Snowdrop” has ended, and Jung Hae-in’s performance deserves applause.

Jung Hae-in played the role of Lim Soo-ho, a North Korean spy, in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop.” Jung Hae-in has received favorable reviews for his complex emotional lines by playing the character of Lim Soo-ho who was sent to the south for the presidential election but ended up trying to protect his loved ones rather than his national beliefs.

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In addition, Jung Hae-in led the play, not only by staying in charge of the entire story, but also with Young-ro in the melodrama with his stable acting skills. In particular, he coordinated the series’ tension between his role and various characters such as the dormitory students, North Korean colleagues, security agents, and students with his dense acting to increase his immersion in the play and play his part as the main actor.

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In addition, Jung Hae-in showed further growth as an actor through this work, adding to the expectations. By adding the masculine physique and action acting to his unique patent, deep eyes, he has established himself as an all-rounder actor who can master all genres beyond the title of “the melodrama master.”

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Jung Hae-in‘s acting skills have drawn keen attention to his appearance in the drama “Connect”, which is currently being filmed. In addition, expectations are also high for his plan in 2022, especially for his appearance in the Netflix series “D.P.”, which has confirmed the production of its Season 2.

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