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“Queendom 2” VIVIZ’s Umji learns the choreography from junior group Kep1er, “Shame and embarrassment? I don’t have time right now”

VIVIZ’s Umji was recently seen learning dance moves from her junior Kep1er.

In the 7th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on the 12th of May, the battles of vocal and dance positions in the first round of the third competition continued to be shown. The dance unit KeV1Z (VIVIZ & Kep1er) was seen having a dance practice. VIVIZ’s SinB showed her confidence in being the No.1 in views and hot topics. Kev1z entered the practice room and learned the choreography created by HolyBang’s Honey J. 

queendom 2

After seeing KeV1Z’s performing the choreography, Honey J commented, “I think it’s better than I expected”, adding, “But it feels like you are working hard on your own moves rather than expressing the whole mood. That’s why I came here, to help you catch up on that”.

queendom 2

VIVIZ’s Umji, who learned the dance quite slowly, confessed, “In my case, it takes me quite a long time to memorize the choreography”. She added, “Compared to other members, my trainee period was shorter and I’m the style of person who has to get my mind and body used to the choreography completely before coming out on the stage. I think I have to try 2-3 times harder now”, showing her determination. 

queendom 2

She then confessed, “The performance unit seems to be the most difficult homework so far.” From the workshop, VIVIZ Umji expressed her concern to the Kep1er members, who are her juniors, “I’m very slow and might wander around, but I’ll do my best not to cause harm to you. Please take care of me.” She continued, “What’s shame and embarrassment? I don’t have time right now, so I’ll have to ask.”

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Afterwards, Umji learned the choreography from Kep1er and became familiar with it. Kep1er’s Hikaru watched Umji practicing and set details for her. VIVIZ’s Umji expressed her gratitude, “I was touched that Hikaru was willing to teach me with so much eagerness.” Hikaru said, “I was worried she’d be offended if I taught her the choreography, but she was very understanding. I’m truly thankful for that.”

queendom 2

Later, dance units’ result was that the “Queen is Me” team ranked first, the “Ex-it” team ranked second and the “KeV1Z” team ranked third. The final result after adding up all the position unit scores was that Brave Girls, WJSN ranked first, Hyolyn, VIVIZ, Loona ranked second and Kep1er ranked third.

Source: Daum

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