Dara responded to the rumour of 2NE1’s reunion: “Maybe not now”

This respond makes 2NE1’s fans feel disappointed because the chance for the group to reunite is really “fragile”.

It’s not too long since there’s a rumour of 2NE1’s reunion, Dara’s respond really makes the fans ‘cry’ in disappointment.

In the comment section of a recent post on Instagram, Dara answered one of her fans asking about the possibility of 2NE1 being able to return with 4 members. According to the female idol, it’s “maybe not now”.

In another comment, Dara showed her constant love for her fans, and also confirmed that the reunion will happen but not at the moment.

Earlier, fans were extremely excited with the thought that 2NE1 will reunite when Park Bom confirmed her appearance at Dream Concert coinciding with the group’s 10th anniversary. Fans has been always hoping and looking forward to 2NE1’s comeback but they also respect Dara’s sincerity.

Sources: k14

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