BTS revealed the hidden city’s name in their world tour

If it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS would come to this city to hold concerts within the world tour ‘Map of the Soul TOUR’

One of the biggest losses for both BTS and the ARMYs in 2020 is that the world tour ‘Map of the Soul TOUR’ is postponed indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the schedule, in the first part of the tour, the group will have 37 shows in 17 cities in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, and Spain. If the schedule went as planned, BTS would have started ‘Map Of The Soul TOUR’ at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul on April 11-12 and April 18-19. Then, from April 25, the group woulf officially bring the tour to major cities in North America, Europe and Japan. However, at that time, the concerts on June 13-14 made fans very curious when only the date of the event was confirmed but the exact city and location have not been announced. The reason was that June 13, 2020 is the 7th anniversary of BTS.

In the end, things didn’t go as planned, and the hidden city name will probably remain a mystery. However, today there was an unexpected photo revealed. Specifically, a few hours ago, Billboard posted a poster promoting the group’s upcoming performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. And perhaps BTS has decided to reveal the secrets to their fans through this promotional poster.

In the poster, BTS wore the flight attendant’s uniforms. Behind the group was a sign ‘Departures’ with the names of a series of cities around the world. After reading it carefully, many fans discovered the order of those cities was exactly the same as in the poster of ‘Map of the Soul TOUR’ released earlier this year.

If you look closely at the schedule behind V and RM, you can see: May 30-31: TORONTO; June 5-6: CHICAGO; June 13-14: DAEGU

After knowing that BTS could have held a concert in Daegu, South Korea on the group’s 7th anniversary, many K-ARMY regretted. They said they did not think that BTS could bring the concert to Daegu, and this would be a very special thing because there are two members born in Daegu: V and Suga. These two members are often considered as ‘Pride of Daegu’ because they make their homeland famous and attract more tourists.

Some comments of Knet on Theqoo:

  • Wow the performance for June 13-14 was supposedly Daegu? The words Suga said about BTS being able to perform in their hometown…but COVID-19 has taken this away…I am so sad about this right now…
  • I knew that it would be a Korean performance for that date but I never thought it would be Daegu! BTS’s love for ARMYs is real!
  • What is going on!!! It was Daegu? Daegu? Then I could have gone on a trip to Daegu and eat makchang and gopchang and see Suga perform? Really?
  • I’m so annoyed!! Daegu!!!! Imagine just how happy V and Suga would have been if they could have performed in Daegu. They are the pride of Daegu and the sons of Daegu. There would have been advertisements all over Daegu! Imagine just how awesome that would have been!
  • Daegu…the tears are blocking my sight…go away COVID-19 seriously!
  • Last year the fanmeeting was held in Busan, this year it was in Daegu … I think all the members want to go back to their hometown once.

Even international ARMYs were touched by BTS’s choice to perform in Daegu on the group’s important anniversary. Accordingly, BTS has also been to Daegu to perform but it is a common event of many idols. They has never held a solo concert of the group there. If thishas come true, it must have been a very special occasion. Many fans also recalled the story of BTS once promised to go back to V and Suga’s hometown about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, this concert was postponed indefinitely.

Many fans hope that when the epidemic is over, BTS can hold a grand concert in Daegu. In the short term, let’s look forward to the group’s performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards at 20 p.m. US time on October 14.

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