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Crush has an unlucky day on “No Math School Trip”, getting startled at the sudden mention of Red Velvet

Crush was embarrassed when Lee Yong Jin mentioned Red Velvet in front of him.

The recent broadcast of SBS’s “No Math School Trip” on April 6th shows EXO D.O, Zico, Crush, Jannabi Choi Jung Hoon, Lee Yong Jin, and Yang Se Chan enjoying the third day of their trip.

The members met a clear sky for the first time. However, as they got closer to the shooting site, the weather became cloudy and snowy. Crush then said, “I went on a trip to LA, and it rained heavily for the first time in 40 years. I also saw thunderstorms in Indonesia”. As the weather was too bad and the members couldn’t proceed with the shoot, Crush repeatedly said, “I’m sorry”, drawing laughter. However, the weather became sunny as soon as Crush fell asleep in the car.


Crush’s bad luck continued in the next activities. During the tubing race, he tried to interrupt Zico but ended up missing the timing and then rolling around the starting line, making everyone laugh.

Later, the members arrived at their next destination, which was an aquarium. They shouted in excitement when seeing the giant-sized turtles and stingrays as well as watching the penguin parade. 


They began playing the game of listening to singers’ names and singing the songs. Failing in his first attempt, Crush was determined to try again, saying “Just give me any question”. Lee Yong Jin then said, “Red Velvet”

Upon hearing that, Crush went speechless. Embarrassed by the situation, he commented, “It’s suddenly hard to breathe here.”

Source: Daum

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