The last words Park Joo-hyun left for the late Yoo Joo-eun made everyone’s hearts ache

Actress Park Joo-hyun’s tribute to the late Yoo Joo-eun, who passed away, left everyone in tears.

On August 29th, Park Joo-hyun posted on her Instagram story, “I hope that you can fly more freely and beautifully than anyone else in that world. I’ll pray for you.”

She then expressed her heartbreak by writing, “Rest in peace.”

yoo joo eun

Park Joo-hyun and the late Yoo Joo-eun are known to be alumni at the Korea National University of Arts.

On this day, the late Yoo Joo-eun’s older brother announced the news of his younger sister’s death through SNS. He said, “On August 29th, 2022, Joo-eun left here and went to a comfortable place. If you have time, please say goodbye to Joo-eun on her way.”

At the same time, the late Yoo Joo-eun’s suicide note was revealed, breaking everyone’s hearts.

yoo joo eun

The late Yoo Joo-eun caused regret as she confessed, “I really wanted to act. Maybe it was my everything and a part of me. But living that life wasn’t easy. I don’t want to do anything else. It was so hopeless. I also realized that having something I want to do is a blessing, but wanting to do just that is a curse.”

The late Yoo Joo-eun was born in 1995 and is 27 years old this year. She made her face known by appearing in tvN’s “Big Forest” and TV Chosun’s “Joseon Survival Period”.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s mortuary was prepared at Ajou University Hospital’s funeral hall. The coffin will be borne out of the house on August 31st.

Source: wikitree

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