BLACKPINK Jennie, “Off stage I’m just a normal, shy girl”

Fashion magazine Vogue Japan takes a trip into the “Jennieverse” and explores impressive perspectives of Jennie. 

On May 30th (local time), Vogue Japan released Jennie’s photoshoot and interview. The magazine introduced Jennie by saying, “she might still be labeled a K-Pop singer, but her influence can hardly be contained to one nation.”

Then, they further mentioned that BLACKPINK became the first K-pop group to headline the “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival”, and that Jennie made her acting debut through the HBO series “The Idol”.


In her interview, the BLACKPINK member told Vogue Japan, “Jennie on stage is charismatic and powerful, but off stage I’m just a normal, shy girl”. In addition, with over 80 million followers, more than the total population of South Korea, Jennie stated that an “icon” is someone who has clear opinions and thoughts.

“To be called an icon you need to have the ability to question people with your own views and perspectives, rather than just giving the answer that everyone accepts or the story that everyone likes”, she emphasized.


The female idol went on to say, “If you believe in yourself more than anyone else and work hard, you will definitely make things happen one way or another”, adding, “A positive mindset is key, and filling your mind with positive thoughts can help you stay motivated. If you focus on the positive and look for solutions, you’ll find tough situations easier to overcome”.

In the same interview, Jennie, who frequently travels by plane revealed that she’d bring a pillow, sleep mask, and iPad, as well as a lip balm because her lips tend to get dry.

She also expressed that it’s helpful to transform the unfamiliar surroundings of a new place into something that feels more like home. “My tip is to bring your own pillow, pajamas, and aromatic oils to help you relax”, Jennie advised.


Busy as she is, Jennie often spends time to “recharge” whenever she gets free time. 

“I’m most comfortable when I’m lying in bed on my day off and not thinking about anything,” she confessed, adding, “My routine before a big concert is to turn on the humidifier and drink a lot of warm water before going to bed. I believe that a healthy mind comes from a healthy body. If you get enough rest, eat well, and exercise hard, your body and mind will follow.”

Finally, Jennie mentioned Namsan Mountain in Korea as one of her must-visit spots. She also selected Amsterdam and Africa as destinations on her travel wish-list. 

Source: Vogue Japan, StarNews Korea

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