T.O.P surprisingly appeared in the concert, Big Bang was emotionally speechless

4 members of the group couldn’t control their emotion when sharing about losing “a piece that can’t be replaced” of Big Bang.

In the evening of 18 November, 4 members of Big Bang officially finished their first concert in Fukuoka, Japan. This concert was a part of their last tour named “Last Dance”, before all members start their military service. It was announced that T.O.P wouldn’t show up in the concert in Japan, but then, the rapper of Big Bang surprisingly and quickly appeared in the last song of their concert, which made their fans extremely moved.

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“4 pieces” of Big Bang are rocking the stage in Japan.

Specifically, during the performance of “Last Dance” song, when T.O.P’s rap part finished, the big screen on the stage showed a video of T.O.P singing this song in “0 to 10 the Final Concert” together with fans’ photos at that time. Though he appeared quickly on the led screen, V.I.P (Big Bang’s fandom) were very moved because they could see all 5 members on the stage together before they leave for a long time.

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T.O.P appeared as quickly as lighting in the “Last Dance” performance.

Before, while preparing for the song “Last Dance”, Taeyang shared: “Even though we are all ready mentally, I still feel lonely. When I am on the stage, it seems that this time will last forever. TOP loves you guys very much. We will surely come back with all 5 members. So, please wait for us!”

bigbang, taeyang, concert, japan, 2017
Taeyang promised that Big Bang will come back with 5 members in the near future.
bigbang, Gdragon, concert, 2017
G-Dragon suddenly cried when mentioning about T.O.P: “I’m sorry, though T.O.P is not here today, he loves you very much”.

Moreover, the “oldest brother” G-Dragon also shared about this concert: “Seoul is getting cold as the winter is coming. Besides, when working as a solo singer, I feel lonelier. However, when the winter ends, the spring will come. I don’t think this is a goodbye, until we see each other again, please keep smiling and enjoying the “last dance”, ok?

The “hidden rich kid” of Big Bang – Daesung also said that, when this tour ended, there would be an empty time, but then, the time that his group and their fans spent together would be much longer.
The stage with 4-member formation made their fans upset.

Some photos of the “Last Dance” concert in Japan last night.
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